Data Dynamics Partners with Microsoft to Provide a Migration Solution to Accelerate Cloud Journey.

Teaneck, NJ – Feb 8th, 2022 – Data Dynamics, a Unified Unstructured Data Management software leader, announced today its collaboration with Microsoft Azure to accelerate cloud adoption at zero license cost for the migration.

Organizations that want to drive cloud digital transformation need a simple, accurate, and repeatable way to move their data into Azure. However, cloud initiatives can have their success bottlenecked by manual processes and budget. Microsoft has made the journey easier by creating the Azure File Migration Program. By supporting the use of Data Dynamics’ unified data management software to migrate data into Azure, organizations can now migrate their unstructured files, Hadoop, and object storage data into Azure at zero additional cost to the customer and no separate migration licensing. Customers can register their migration project information with Data Dynamics and start moving data today.

The software uses automated, policy-based file data migration from heterogeneous storage into Azure storage and ensures minimum to no risk with automatic access control and file security management.  

Piyush Mehta, CEO of Data Dynamics, said, “We are pleased to announce this collaboration with Microsoft. The power, versatility, and expandability of data management in Microsoft Azure is critical for a customers’ digital transformation journey. The first and most difficult step is migrating on-premises data into Azure. With the Azure File Migration Program, we aim to help customers intelligently, efficiently, and securely move their data from heterogeneous storage environments into Azure.” Piyush adds, “What sets us apart is the use of a single software data management software for mobility, analytics, security, and compliance.”

The Microsoft Azure File Migration Program is instrumental for organizations embracing the scale and flexibility of the cloud. Through this program, we are helping organizations address some of their most critical challenges in the cloud migration lifecycle, such as cost, speed, talent, and risk. This collaboration with Data Dynamics can provide our customers with the right technology solutions for their cloud digital transformation strategies.”, said Jurgen Willis, Vice President, Optimized Workloads and Storage.

About Data Dynamics
Data Dynamics is the leader in data democratization by providing data Analytics, Mobility, Security, and Compliance solutions. The insight, intelligence, and automation leveraging the software drives risk mitigation, enhanced data security, secure sharing of sensitive data, and storage optimization all from a single software.

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