Data Dynamics Ranks in the Top 4 Most Promising DevOps Solution Providers of the Year

Teaneck, NJ – November 13th, 2018 –  Data Dynamics, a leader in intelligent file management systems that helps manage unstructured data efficiently with its innovative file management solution StorageX, is honored to be named in the top 4 most promising DevOps solution providers of the year.  

With our increasing dependence on technology, different companies have discovered new ways to efficiently work with software programs. DevOps is the practice of unifying software development and software operation. With the use of DevOps, software developers are able to build, test, and release software faster and more reliably. What allows this process is the teamwork and collaboration between software developers and those using them.

Today, technology is considered an innovative force in industries, offering new tools for professional businesses to implement and maintain state-of-the-art operations, and decision-makers need a platform which can portray the correct path towards their productivity. CIOReview reduces the growing vacuum among entrepreneurs for the enterprise to showcase their innovative solutions.

“With one eye on efficiency and the other on future enhancements, a distinguished panel of CEOs, analysts and CIOs have produced a list of the top DevOps solution providers, ensuring powerful yet innovative solutions prominent in the field of development and operations.” 20 Most Promising DevOps Solution Providers of the Year

  1. Archinova
  2. Basis Technologies
  3. Citizant
  4. Data Dynamics StorageX
  5. DevOps Tech
  6. DragonSpears
  7. eCube Systems
  8. Elevated Computing
  9. Enov8
  10. Flux7
  11. Gunnison Consulting Group
  12. HATech
  13. ImagineX Consulting
  14. IronBench
  15. Kingsmen Software
  16. Onyx Point
  17. Plutora
  18. PSL CORP
  19. QPAIR
  20. Reliable Software

About Data Dynamics

Data Dynamics is a leader in intelligent file management solutions that empower enterprises to seamlessly analyze, move, manage and modernize critical data across hybrid, cloud and object-based storage infrastructures for true business transformation.

Used today by 24 of the top Fortune 100 companies, StorageX has optimized more than 160 PB of storage, saving more than 80 years in project time and $80 million in total storage costs. For more information, please visit:

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