Advanced Storage Management for Today’s Unstructured Data

Increasing demands to lower costs and achieve greater business agility are top directives for today’s IT organization. Compounding the challenge is the proliferation of disparate silos of data, particularly unstructured data, which must be compliantly managed, protected and made available — over its complete lifecycle.

Unstructured data is a particular problem. In fact, IDC research indicates that unstructured content accounts for as much as 90 percent of all digital data, and much of it is locked away in a variety of diverse data stores, in different locations and in varying formats. This makes it both costly and challenging to manage, even harder to protect, and nearly impossible to search in response to compliance events.

To minimize the complexity and difficulty of managing unstructured data, the infrastructure needs to be:

  • Agile – with flexible portability that can migrate data seamlessly between separate silos – on-premises or in the cloud – to help avoid vendor lock in while supporting continuity and scalability
  • Optimized – so that data growth isn’t costly or unmanageable and supports overall operational efficiencies
  • Compliant – with granular policy-based management and simplified discovery features that assure both compliance and security
  • Insightful – offering the detailed visibility, analysis and reporting organizations need to make informed decisions

Data Dynamics is here to solve the unstructured data problem. By empowering the intelligent management of unstructured data, our products meet these critical data infrastructure requirements. They drive operational efficiencies, cut migration time and cost in half and help to mitigate security breaches. As a result, organizations can better manage, migrate and protect their large data assets across the entire information lifecycle.

StorageX – The StorageX platform eliminates multi-vendor storage silos providing enterprises with software defined, policy-based, storage management to empower data mobility, usability and insight for business agility and operational efficiency. Learn more.

StorageX Migration Module – The StorageX Migration Module easily models, validates and automates data movement projects, reducing file data migration risks and timelines. Learn more.

StorageX Data Protection Module – The StorageX Data Protection Module delivers heterogeneous replication across SMB and NFS file storage resources. Learn more.

StorageX DFS Protection Suite – The StorageX DFS Protection Suite monitors availability Microsoft DFS and SMB file storage resources, provides alerts when outages occur, initiates fail-over and fail-back of DFS namespaces and file storage resources to ensure users continuous availability and DR readiness to their files. With DFS namespace backup and availability features, it enables backup protection and restoration of DFS links. Learn more.

StorageX Data Insight Analytics and Migration Optimization Module – To simplify the creation of policies to drive change for governance and optimization, the StorageX Data Insight Analytics and Optimization Module features collect file metadata information and statistics and provide insights on data type, data lifecycle and access control exposures. Learn more.

StorageX Software Development Kit – For complete data mobility automation, the StorageX SDK enables enterprise orchestration practices, such as space management and workload balancing as well as asset management processes for simplified operational execution. Learn more.