Imagine the Possibilities of what StorageX can do for you

Rich set of capabilities that are the building blocks to Dynamic File Management for the Digital Enterprise.



Designed to put You in Control

Your Data is always yours. Your Apps empowered. Industry Standards Based. Scaleable.


File data management has gotten too complex for the archaic tools and manual processes that enterprises employ. With StorageX Dynamic File Management, give agility to your business and turn your file data into assets.


Free your data

Other solutions get in the way, take ownership, or lock you out of your data. We believe that no solution should ever get between you and your data.



Analytics – Know what you have, uncover hidden assets or cost savings opportunities.
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File Migration – Un-lock your files, move them with ease. From any vendor or technology to any other. Do more with less.
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File Replication – Have your files available where you need them when you need them. Copy files for backup, DevOps, or performance. Don’t be tied down to one vendor.
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File Archival – Save by taking advantage of Cloud technologies. Whether its for long term retention for compliance, have a lower cost tier, or retain data just in case.
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Archive Retrieval – All of your archived data at your fingertips. Create Value by retrieving data when needed, where you need it.
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Namespace Management – Control, manage and collapse file resources for better utilization and management of your complete filesystem infrastructure.
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Software Developer’s Kit – Integrate dynamic file management into your key business applications. Enable a Dev/Ops connection to other systems. Integrate into IT Service Management.
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