StorageX Platform

Automated File Data Mobility with Policy-Based Precision

The engine powering Data Dynamics’ software suite for file data management, migration and protection is the StorageX Platform. It delivers an automated, policy-based approach to file storage management that fuels its ability to optimize and standardize data management while supporting business agility and mitigating risk.

The StorageX unified platform enables the agile discovery, analysis, optimization, migration and management of large data assets while cutting migration time and costs in half. This software-defined data platform works to reduce operational inefficiencies and risk while providing oversight and controls to simplify the management of multi-vendor physical and cloud storage silos.

Using high levels of automation, StorageX improves business intelligence by maximizing end-user insights from the storage infrastructure. It also enhances business continuity and reduces storage complexities related to hybrid and private cloud storage infrastructure management.


One Solution. Any Environment.

StorageX is an out-of-band, software-based storage management platform. It simplifies the migration, consolidation and archiving of file data in large, complex multivendor file storage environments, centralizing the management of network file storage with ease. It aggregates information across heterogeneous environments and uses a sophisticated validation rules engine to resolve migration issues before they occur. It also works to streamline complex workflows during consolidation and refresh projects for Network Attached Storage (NAS), Windows and Linux storage systems. So you can rely on one solution, regardless of your storage infrastructure mix.

Data Mobility. Realized.

StorageX provides the power to achieve more with your storage resources. Simplifying data management across the complete information lifecycle, StorageX enables companies to:

  • Streamline tech refresh and migration planning – Move large sets of NAS devices using a project-based approach and design projects, create source/destination mappings, and use a rules-based engine to analyze mappings and identify any conflicts and issues. Destinations can be created or provisioned automatically – from source to destination – and permissions and file attributes can be preserved or modified as needed.
  • Take the guesswork out of migrations – Use a simple, intuitive user interface with cross-platform views and numerous wizard and validation checks to quickly create migration projects and policies.
  • Reduce cutover windows and migration risks – Manage the entire migration workflow, from initial analysis and design, to modeling and validation, to automated provisioning and file data migration, using a single solution and an automated, policy-based approach. Customers are able to predict how long cutovers will take, how the cutover workload would be run, whether the defined policies due for cutover will fit and allows for remediation by the customer for cutover plan – such as adding additional resources or dividing up cutovers across different days.
  • Reduce storage costs – Identify folders that are candidates for migration to a lower-cost storage tier using criteria such as when files in a folder were last accessed, folder age, and folder size; automatically migrate or review and schedule file data migrations to a more cost-effective storage tier.
  • Create a unified storage view – View and manage multivendor storage systems and technologies from within a single graphical, intuitive console. Create custom views or folders to logically organize storage by type, project, business unit, or team. Numerous wizards help you easily perform file data migration and storage management tasks from within this central view. This provides the ability to perform simple operations such as showing relationships between DFS namespaces and file storage resource, provisioning of volumes, creation of exports and shares, and cloning of exports and shares.

Manage, Migrate and Protect Your Data with StorageX.

The power of StorageX will help you drive operational efficiency, cut migration time and cost in half and mitigate security breaches. Learn more about the StorageX Modules.

  • StorageX Migration Module — The StorageX Migration Module easily models, validates and automates projects, reducing file data migration risks and timelines. Learn more.
  • StorageX Data Protection Module — The StorageX Data Protection Module delivers heterogeneous replication across SMB and NFS file storage resources. Learn more.
  • StorageX DFS Protection Module — The StorageX DFS Protection Module monitors availability Microsoft DFS and SMB file storage resources, provides alerts when outages occur, initiates failover and failback of DFS namespaces and file storage resources to ensure users continuous availability and DR readiness to their files. With DFS namespace backup and availability features, it enables backup protection and restoration of DFS links. Learn more.
  • StorageX Software Development Kit — For complete data mobility automation, the StorageX SDK automates enterprise orchestration practices, such as space management and workload balancing as well as asset management processes for simplified operational execution. Learn more.