A Fortune 50 insurance firm with over 18,000 agents across the United States and Canada was looking to retire and migrate off of some of their legacy HDS HNAS storage systems. After thorough testing and analysis, the insurance firm selected EMC Isilon as the platform of choice for a subset of their storage footprint. The primary challenge the customer faced was they had limited outage windows that they could provide for migration so as to maintain maximum connectivity for their users. Also, the customer’s environment contained millions of small files and large numbers of nested directories cascading within their directory structure, making the analysis of the metadata points that much more complex and time consuming. Manual, host-based migration platforms required outage windows that exceeded the disruption time available and the manual processes meant assuming a greater risk than the customer could accept.

EMC Isilon selected the StorageX 7.6 software platform as the migration software of choice. StorageX was the only software platform that met the customer’s requirements in terms of analysis and final replication to meet the required cutover window. The customer was able to leverage the power of the StorageX policy and replication engines to efficiently replicate data between both CIFS and NFS platforms transparently while minimizing the downtime during the cutover. StorageX was able to copy the data onto the EMC Isilon environment without impacting existing users during initial and incremental replication and ensured that the permissions on the source were copied successfully to the new Isilon target environment.

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