Navigating a New Data Security Era: Bridging the Gap, Embracing a Promising Era of Robust Measures

In Part 1 of this series, you learned about the challenges that an enterprise can face when it comes to data security in this digital age. No matter if it’s on-premises or in the cloud, data management is fraught with uncertainty and frustration, especially with respect to unstructured data.

Now it’s time to address these challenges and rewire your company’s data security and management strategies. Consider a platform that provides risk identification and assessment based on the amount and combination of personal information found within a set of data. In addition to identifying risks, the platform provides context by intelligently tagging the data, even allowing for auditing against predefined corporate standards, thereby reducing the need for user-dependent controls. In that sense, we might sound like a technological superhero, able to accomplish the mission with a single click! This superhero of data management is Insight Analytix 1.3.

In this article, we will explore the latest data security features provided by the new Insight AnalytiX 1.3 that will assist you in optimizing your data security strategies.

Provides the ability to remediate potentially sensitive data

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated cloud adoption in the healthcare sector, but these adoptions come with significant risks, such as data breaches and malware attacks that could lead to the misuse of sensitive health-related information. Trend Micro reported 71 unauthorized access incidents in 2021 alone that compromised more than 730,000 records in the healthcare sector.

With the massive amount of data present in an organization, risk and management challenges arise due to unnecessary access to data and potential misuse. Moreover, misusing data in business can result in a very costly lawsuit and a loss of reputation.

As part of Insight AnalytiX, we added a new capability called remediation that can help address these challenges and protect your data. With Insight AnalytiX 1.3, you can do more than simply scan and analyze your environment for data that could potentially expose your employees and customers to risk, you can also remediate those issues.

With this version of the product, your organization can mitigate the risk of sensitive data access and misuse through a robust, multi-approver remediation workflow. In this workflow, all necessary stakeholders are assigned tasks to request, approve, and execute different types of remediation assignments, and all users can easily see the status of each remediation project as it progresses. Thus, you can restrict who can access your sensitive data by requiring multiple approvals and keeping the process transparent.

Includes new default report templates

Insight AnalytiX 1.3 includes a set of default, system-created report templates that group entities and fields based on specific useful sets of information relevant to customer environments.

The default report templates in Insight AnalytiX 1.3 are as follows:

•            Human Resource Data

•            Highly Sensitive Identity Data

•            Highly Sensitive Health Data

•            Special Category Data

•            Sensitive Health Data

•            Highly Sensitive Financial Data

In addition, you can create your custom report template to fit your company’s specific needs.

This feature of Insight AnalytiX 1.3 can help enterprises to become better stewards of their users’ and customers’ potentially sensitive data and also protect organizations across all industries from hefty penalties associated with compliance law violations.

Ensures the security of sensitive files

The security of data is a crucial component of any data management strategy across organizations. Without a strong data management master plan, it’s easy to lose sight of how sensitive data is used and shared, especially internally. It’s more likely that teams will make copies of sensitive files when they do not know where or how to locate the data they need, creating a risk of inadequate data access control policies and unauthorized access.

Because of this, on-premises and cloud data access control should be a critical element of modern data handling strategies and frameworks, so that data can be utilized to its fullest potential while maintaining its security and privacy.

In Insight AnalytiX 1.3, the Remediation Analyst can choose to secure files from unnecessary access. This is achieved by excluding public access from the reported sensitive files. This IX 1.3 release supports securing SMB-based storage on a single Microsoft Windows AD domain.

The feature can be utilized across every vertical. For example, in the financial services world, an employee typically has access to 13% of a company’s total files. In other words, even workers in the smallest companies can view, copy, move, change, and delete data for over half a million files with sensitive information – including almost 20% of all files. In such cases, Insight AnalytiX 1.3 can avoid any possible data breaches by excluding unnecessary public access.

Quarantines your sensitive data in secure locations

By utilizing the new Remediation workflow in Insight AnalytiX 1.3, users can migrate their sensitive data quickly and securely from their current storage location to a more secure location, such as a share on a file storage resource or a bucket on an object storage resource. Sensitive files may be moved from one file share to another file share or from a file share to an object store location, with supported file shares including both NFS- and SMB-based storage technologies. Supported object storage includes any S3-compliant object store and Microsoft Azure Blob.

Ensures audit trails for files using blockchain

In any industry, data is not just available but is utilized for various business purposes by people across the organization. With this access comes the possibility of data misuse. Hence, transparency related to data use and access is crucial in matters involving sensitive data.

Insight Analytix 1.3 uses auditing to create an immutable record of file changes and helps to identify what sensitive data has been accessed, by who, and at what time. The latest version of Insight AnalytiX comes with Control X 1.1, which uses blockchain technology to provide an audit trail that is both scalable and immutable. A combination of off-chain and blockchain technologies is used in a way that the references to any personal data may be erased when required. If an audited file is modified, the change is recorded in the blockchain, and a report of the audited changes can be viewed for the dataset as a whole or for a specific file, as required.

Adds a silent installer option

Insight AnalytiX 1.3 now includes a new silent installer option, making it possible for you to rapidly deploy an Insight AnalytiX environment without running an RPM-based installer or going through multiple configuration windows. The silent installer takes a customizable pair of configuration files and automatically populates your installation, including all Content Processing Engines, Data Science Engines, Orchestration Engines, and Insight AnalytiX servers.

Enhances the installation process

To improve the user experience, we have made multiple optimizations and enhancements to make the overall installation process faster. The installation process performance of Insight AnalytiX 1.3 has been dramatically improved, as the time required to install the product using the RPM-based installer has been reduced by more than 100% while simplifying the requirements for the user.

Expands installation support for Linux

This version of Insight AnalytiX allows users to install multi-node instances of the product on

servers running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.9, 8.1, and 8.2. In addition, Insight AnalytiX now supports installation on both Minimal and GUI-based versions of Linux, including both CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

To sum it up, the entire updated Insight AnalytiX and ControlX process encompass the features that will help you build a holistic data management strategy with just a click. From identifying sensitive data to protecting that data using remediation, you can trust us to keep your valuable assets in the most secured location while using it intelligently to extract business value!

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