Data Dynamics Delivers Data Mobility for the Multi-Cloud with StorageX 8.4

Teaneck, NJData Dynamics, the leader in unified unstructured data management, today announced its latest product release of StorageX 8.4, offering enterprises data mobility for the multi-cloud. With enterprises facing soaring data growth, the Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform emphasizes its focus on helping today’s businesses modernize their infrastructure and automate their data management that extends to the cloud. 

In the age of digitalization, enterprises find themselves adopting more than one cloud service provider. Data is becoming critical to business success. With organizations focused on data innovation to drive business acceleration, new challenges have emerged in ensuring that data is agile, available, and connected. As hybrid and multi-cloud architectures gain prevalence, enterprises need to modernize their current tools, processes, and strategy to overcome complexity and risk in a hybrid infrastructure. Data Dynamics has delivered StorageX 8.4 Object to Object Replication to enable organizations to be in better control of their data and have data agility within the multi-cloud so they can meet their most important business objectives. 

“Multi-cloud adoption and management is a growing need for many of the organizations I speak with, both large and small. As a leader in Unified Unstructured Data Management, we have made it a priority here at Data Dynamics to build customer focused products and capabilities that accelerate their data management strategy. It is critical that today’s enterprises invest in data management solutions that offer data mobility across multiple cloud environments. With the release of StorageX 8.4, companies can now move their data across both object and file storage using our platform and thus mobilize their data and leverage the cloud to drive business continuity and resiliency,” says Helen Johnson, CTO of Data Dynamics.   

“The enhancements we’ve made to StorageX has taken data management to the next level. By developing simple, flexible, and reliable solutions for cloud infrastructure, it enables our customers to leverage their data in the cloud and build out and execute their multi-cloud adoption strategy,” says Brijesh Kumar, VP of Development at Data Dynamics. “StorageX 8.4 Object to Object Replication automates data movement and thus drives greater business value by enabling agility within the multi-cloud environment.” 

About Data Dynamics

Data Dynamics is the pioneer of the Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform. We have proven to deliver the answer for ever-increasing data risk exposure and IT infrastructure cost explosion threat. The Power of Analytics – data-driven cost reduction, risk mitigation, and policy automation creates a new definition of “Doing more with LESS.” 

With 26 of the Fortune 100 global customers worldwide, Data Dynamics enables organizations to analyze, move, manage, and modernize their data anywhere. Data Dynamics accelerates the adoption of hybrid, public, and multi-cloud strategies, builds higher quality SLAs, and improves business process modernization. 

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