Simplifying Data Governance in a Hybrid Cloud Era

Why is Data Governance Relevant Today?

The explosive growth of data unstructured data in particular, is the most defining characteristic of today’s generation. For the digital enterprise, data is equated to gold because of the untapped value it potentially holds to gain a competitive advantage in the industry The amount of data the uses for that data, the number of data sources, and the places it travels all grow at exponential rates. The growth creates new solutions for data discovery, classification. analysis processing and extracting value from data.

In our present-day situation, everyone understands the importance of file governance, but the challenge presents itself when one decides to undertake this massive initiative.

Today’s organizations suffer from explosive growth in the volume and variety of the data they collect, process and store Unfortunately, many do not understand the types of data they handle and what value it has and so they cannot use or maintain it properly. As a result, they fall to achieve the success level they would have if they kept proper management over the data.

Organizations can also suffer serious financial, legal and reputational consequences over poor data management. Data governance helps to avoid a similar fate.

So what is Data Governance and what role does it play in today’s business environment? This guide sheds some light on an emerging data management area that focuses on business processes and compliance The Role of Data Governance in Today’s Business Environment

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